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8 Mile Vodka Warms Up Winter

Well, it’s winter here in Detroit. The same old story of snow, salt and sunless skies are upon us. The beauty and allure of Michigan summers are sometimes enough to muster through the season but here at 8 Mile Vodka we’re looking to help. Looking to warm up while the arctic air swirls outside? Our…

8 Mile Vodka Holiday Cocktails

Get Into The Holiday Spirits With 8 Mile Vodka! Our co-founders Michael and Anthony Tomey and George and Alex Bourkoulas offer up their favorite holiday cocktail recipes utilizing their carbon filtered creation! Tis the season! While you may have to do your annual holiday party in a virtual setting this year, it doesn’t mean that…

Detroit’s Own, 8 Mile Vodka

8 Mile Premium Vodka has arrived. The start of September proved to be a monumental day for the vodka industry in Metro Detroit as two sets of brothers, Michael and Anthony Tomey, as well as George and Alex Bourkoulas, officially moved forward with a partnership to take over the 8 Mile Vodka brand. The deal…

8 Mile Vodka: Born in Detroit

8 Mile

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