Well, it’s winter here in Detroit. The same old story of snow, salt and sunless skies are upon us. The beauty and allure of Michigan summers are sometimes enough to muster through the season but here at 8 Mile Vodka we’re looking to help.

Looking to warm up while the arctic air swirls outside? Our co-founders Michael and Anthony Tomey and George and Alex Bourkoulas are offering up their favorite hot drinks utilizing our premiere grain vodka that offers a smooth dose of warmth to help get through the chilly days and nights.

First up is a favorite of George. Everybody knows a White Russian, one of the most iconic vodka-infused drinks out there. However, almost always the cocktail is served over ice. In this instance the temperature – and in George’s opinion, the level of taste – is raised quite a bit.


Hot White Russian Special

What you’ll need:

-2 cups of fresh brewed coffee

-½ cup of heavy cream or half and half

-½ cup of coffee-flavored liqueur (George prefers Kahula)

-¼ cup of 8 MILE VODKA

In a saucepan mix together the coffee, cream, coffee liqueur and vodka. Next, head the mixture on moderate heat until it is warm. Once it is at a desired level of warmth, divide the drink into mugs and garnish with additional cream if desired.


While that recipe seems simple, this next one from Anthony is even easier! Do you enjoy a warm tea on a cold day? Who doesn’t? Adding a little splash of 8 Mile can turn a typical cup of tea into a terrific way to turn down for the evening.


Green Tea with 8 Mile

What you’ll need:

-Your favorite brand of green tea

-A bottle of 8 MILE VODKA


-Fresh lemon juice

While usually the above ingredients would have set amounts, this recipe doesn’t even require that. Simply brew your green tea via the directions found on the packaging. Brew to your desired strength with one, two or even more tea bags. Then, the amount of our smooth, delicious vodka you add is also up to you! Adding a touch of honey and fresh lemon can also be done to taste. Anthony says that this is so easy, even Michael can do it!


Last but not least is a unique spin on the ‘hotty toddy’ cocktail. This is a personal favorite of Alex and one of his winter go-to drinks.


8 Mile Honey Ginger Hotty Toddy

What you’ll need:

-Apple cider- Alex prefers fresh-pressed


-Ginger- preferably fresh grated

-Lemon juice




Like the last recipe, the amounts here are really up to you! Simply heat up the cider for 60 seconds and then add the ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg. Then heat the concoction for another 60 seconds.

Strain the mixture into a mug, add the vodka, lemon juice and honey. Consider adding a cinnamon stick, apple slice or lemon wedge when served.

Alex says you can also choose to utilize maple syrup instead of the honey if you’d like more of a Canadian flavor.

While hotty toddies usually call for whiskey, subbing our vodka in makes for a lighter version that can spice up any winter evening.


Have a cough from the cold air outside? One of these will have your throat feeling better in no time! So, consider one (or all three) of these winter cocktail recipes this upcoming weekend! Each is SUPER easy and is a fun and HOT way to make it through the winter!